Constantine was the last project that we created in order to come up with an optimized version of the program called, "Matrix Revolutions". "Matrix Revolutions" is an excellent program that eases browsing of tools and sites that we use in order to accomplish our tasks efficiently in Etelecare Global Solutions as Technical Support Representatives. But we needed a program that consumes lower resources, simpler and smart-looking GUI interface. Hence, Constantine was born. Many thanks to the beta-testers, my officemates and the whole Matrix Team for helping on the development of the program. I thank all of them for the comments, feedback and violent reactions. :)

A Big THANK YOU To The Following:
Dexter Quinn - Matrix Revolutions author - you've been a big inspiration to me

Email Me for Comments / Suggestions / Violent Reactions

v1.2z beta - November 4, 23, 28, 2006

- Removed Dell.com tab, Changed to *8 tab
- Added CHAT tab as the last tab
- Prevented chat URL to display on URL History
- Silent Webbrowser1 to prevent popping up errors
- Tagteam link added in others
- Removed Talisma Chat link
- Changed chat source from ParaChat to AddOnChat because ParaChat only supports up to 4 simultaneous chatters

v1.2y - November 1, 2006

- Removed eSurvey Others Link and Tab, Changed Tab to Dell
- Changed CITRIX Others and Tab links to: https://dellctrx.dell.com/Citrix/MetaFrame/auth/login.aspx
- Attempted to auto-open DellConnect: C:Program FilesGTRemoteGBrowser
- Removed Matrix Reloaded link
- Changed SOLECTRON site to: http://sgs.solectron.com
- Added Washington D.C. in timezone
- Changed property of Others ComboBox to Dropdown List
- Change property of URL History ComboBox to Dropdown Box
- Added topindex and onclick functionality on URL History

v1.2x - September 12, 2006

- Added DCSE Search in Others Link and Transfer *8 Phone List on tabs
- Changed Tab Control to the Windows Integrated Tab Control since the workstations do not have Office installed yet

v1.2v - July 8, 2006

- Changed tab link back to support.dell.com
- Removed Citrix tab
- Changed TNT to GEMT - http://osp.us.dell.com/gem/forms/default.aspx, change TNT to GEM in Others link
- Removed DCSEsearch
- Changed Microsoft site to - http://support.microsoft.com/ from http://support.microsoft.com/dell
- Added SRS - http://training.us.dell.com/abu/abu_toolbox/outsource_main.asp tab and Others link
- Timer, fix it - if file is not found on current path, go for tools folder
- Added SRS Chat to REC - http://chat.ins.dell.com/outsource/client.asp in Others link
- Added SRS Chat to ASG/CPS - http://chat.ins.dell.com/outsource/ in Others link
- Added http://dellemailresponse.us.dell.com/ - Kana Response in Others link
- Added https://chat3.us.dell.com/NetAgent/jac/JavaAgent.jnlp.asp - NetAgent Chat Client in Others link
- Added Matrix Reloaded tab - s02-bes02clients$MatrixInspironGeneral FolderMatrix OPERATIONSMatrix LIBRARYReloaded v2rikinishu.html

v1.2t - March 6, 2006

- Added Transfer Ownership in Others - https://support.dell.com/dellcare/tagtransfer.aspx
- Added File Attachment Tool in Others - http://outsource.us.dell.com/eSupport/CemFileForward/CustCare/Mailform.asp
- Added Dell Citrix tab

v1.2s - February 27, 2006

- Added tab and link in Others - http://sysinfo.org
- Change link from support.microsoft.com to support.microsoft.com/dell

v1.2r - February 6, 2006

- Changed EMT to TNT Tool, Added link in Others - http://osp.us.dell.com/tnt/app/
- Added Dell Citrix in Others - https://dellctrx.dell.com/Citrix/MetaFrame/default/default.aspx

v1.2q - January 3, 2006

- Added DCSE Search, EMT, MacsWeb, Exemplar tabs
- Added Screenshots to Other Links
- Updated link for DCSESearch wpd-inside.us.dell.com/USPremier/search/pages/dcsesrch.asp

v1.2p - December 19, 2005

- Added eSurvey back to the tabs
- Added Screenshots to the tabs - thetinternet.com
- Updated link for DCSESearch in Other Links - wpd-inside.us.dell.com/USPremier/Inside
- Changed the timer's path to Team Dova's Tools folder

v1.2o - November 29, 2005

- Added Exemplar Website to Other Links - http://osp.us.dell.com/exemplar/

v1.2n - November 28, 2005

- Replaced Screenshots with TinyURL since IT found out that the site is spreading a virus

v1.2m - November 21, 2005

- Removed tabs - LatitudeWeb, CLS 2.0, RD, eSurvey, Timezone to say space and resources
- Added to Other Links - LatitudeWeb, CLS 2.0 (Replaced CLS 1.0), RD, eSurvey, Timezone
- Changed URL for Screenshots - screenshotsforwindows.com/wxp/controlpanel.php - Thanks to Ringo Rimando for the link!

Formats! v0.1 - October 22, 2005

- Creation of Formats! v0.1 - Thanks to Alan Cancio for the original layout

v1.2l - October 1, 2005

- Added tab - CLS 2.0 - http://osp.us.dell.com/cls/
- Added tab - RD - http://osp.us.dell.com/incidentanalysis/iafeedback/issuesview.aspx
- Added tab - Screenshots - http://screenshots.modemhelp.net/
- Moved Swatweb, Partsweb and CLS 1.0 to Others

v1.2g-v1.2k - September 19, 2005

- Lots of optimization revisions
- Added/Removed several minor tabs

v1.2f - July 25, 2005

- Removed Zip/Area Code options
- Added feature: will automatically lookup Zip/Area code when 5 or 3 characters are entered

v1.2e - July 24, 2005

- Automatic focus on Zip tab is disabled when checking for Zipcode/Areacode
- Added "Double-Click" functionality for Zip/Area Code and the input box

v1.2d - July 20, 2005

- Added "EMT Tool" to "Other Links"
- Added the "Dell" tab for checking the currently shipping systems

v1.2c - July 19, 2005

- Moved "My Prime" to "Other Links" and let it open in a new window

v1.2b - July 12, 2005

- Removed GetZip button, replaced it with Zip or Area lookup option buttons
- Moved *8 Transfers, DCSE Search and Solectron to "Other Links"
- Corrected the Solectron bug crashing the program by opening it in a new window
- Added "My Prime" tab

v1.2a - July 09, 2005

- Moved toolbar 1 step downwards to make it look better and to give space for the timer
- Added "Other Links"